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Enigma Technology JSC is a Bulgarian Internet company that invests in a wide variety of business enterprises on the Internet. Established at the beginning of 2004, the company has been developing several large-scale Internet projects designed for a broad range of business consumers.


Good Online Reputation Can Win You a Job

Recently were announced the results of a reserach made by business social network Viadeo, which show that 20% of employers use search engines to pre-screen job candidates and 59% are influenced by what they find. 13 % of Human Resources decision...

The Spending for Internet Advertising in Britain surged for 2006

Online advertising spending in Britain surged more than 41 percent in 2006 to break the 2 billion pound ($3.9 billion) barrier, taking its market share to 11.4 percent and above national newspapers' share. The results are from a research...

Consultancy and advice on building a complete online business model

The development or moving the business activity of a company to the Internet involves a number of challenges investors are not quite ready for. Each web project is developed and depends on three different infrastructures – technological, media and financial.The technical infrastructure covers the necessary software and hardware. The larger a project is, the more serious approach is  needed, especially if it includes online payment.As the Internet is above all a means of mass communication, a suitable media infrastructure has to be defined in order to ease the interaction between a web site and a visitor. The choice of the design, informational architecture, user interface, the content and the formats...

Internet marketing and advertising

We have experience in different forms of advertising that we use depending on the targets of the advertising campaign we are working on. Good results are achieved when the right methods of online advertising are used. Their specific character confuses a lot of the advertising companies which do not have the appropriate experience on the Web.Every advertising campaign consists of several important stages:Forming the targets, deadlines and target audienceInforming the customer for the different Internet advertising methodsDeciding on the budget and advertising forms (search engine marketing, banner advertising, context advertising, advertising games, etc.)Choosing and dealing with the web sites that offer advertising spaceLaunching the different advertising...

COMFORT.BG - General Information

COMFORT.BG is the leading Internet portal for furniture, construction and architecture. Over 5000 visitors browse the site daily searching for specialized business information. COMFORT.BG connects architects, engineers, builders,...

IMOTERA.COM - General Information

IMOTERA.COM is a specialized online real estate search engine which uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology to collect property listings, news and useful information from different web sites in one place. The property...
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