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Enigma Technology ProfileEnigma Technology JSC is a Bulgarian Internet Company that invests in a wide variety of business enterprises on the Internet. Established at the beginning of 2004, the company has been developing several large-scale Internet projects designed for a broad range of business consumers. Although every new undertaking is of a different type and structure, it uses the results of the previous ones. What all projects have in common is the focus on the business opportunities the Internet provides as a powerful means of communication.

The steady growth and the diversity of the consumers' audience as well as the move of a great amount of communication to the Web constantly increase the importance of the Internet as an invaluable business platform. The Bulgarian Internet community is not an exception in this direction. The pace of development in different segments is even ahead of the world's tendencies for growth in the field.

The dynamic business environment requires flexible structure. By combining enthusiasm and cautiousness, traditional business virtues with innovative thinking, we seek and find the best time and place for every good idea.

Enigma Technology ProfileEach stage in our work has three main features:


Some of the main challenges of the digital economy are the understanding, anticipating and meeting consumers' and customers' needs. Internet users' attitude and behaviour are extremely dynamic and require unusual flexibility at each stage of a project - from decision making to final completion. The company structure is formed in relation to this fact. Each undertaking is managed as a separate project with its targets, budget and working team consisting of people from different departments and even offices. The flexible structures built in this way react very fast and adequately to all changes that may occur during a project development.


Time is one of the main factors in the dynamic business environment we are working in. A delay in a project development turns a good idea into a failed opportunity. One of our main objectives is to reduce the time needed for a project to be developed from conception to completion without compromising on either quality or service. Flexible planning allows us to carry a project through within time and budget.


There is no action without a result. What is common for us is that every process has its foreseeable to some extent results, which can be clear and measurable, no matter whether they are quality or quantitative results.

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