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Our Team

Enigma Technology TeamDepending on the project we are working on, we form teams that consist of people with different positions and skills. Our company has three departments.

Customer Service Department

This is the biggest and noisiest department in our company. The working time is divided between phone calls, meetings with customers and offer writing. The traders are not only the people who provide our company with the necessary "engine fuel" but they also present the company's image to the most important people – our customers.

Web Development and Design Department

This is the most introverted and concentrated part of our team. The people out of their sector cannot easily understand the reason for their rare joy. But nobody can be angry at them. After all, they are … creators!

Content Management Department

This department is on the border between the traders and the developers. Our web editors are able to turn rough text into a meaningful message and an unattractive photo into a beautiful picture.

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