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Consultancy and advice on building a complete online business model

Online Business ModelsThe development or moving the business activity of a company to the Internet involves a number of challenges investors are not quite ready for. Each web project is developed and depends on three different infrastructures – technological, media and financial.

The technical infrastructure covers the necessary software and hardware. The larger a project is, the more serious approach is  needed, especially if it includes online payment.

As the Internet is above all a means of mass communication, a suitable media infrastructure has to be defined in order to ease the interaction between a web site and a visitor. The choice of the design, informational architecture, user interface, the content and the formats form the level of effectiveness of the communication between the two sides. The careful consideration of these aspects is of great importance to the success of a project.

The financial infrastructure clears the key question how exactly a web site will be generating revenue. The careful research on the market and testing of different models for revenue can save a lot of disappointments and money.

Having significant experience in web projects varying in scope and area of application, our consultants offer valuable assistance for each stage of a project:

  • Framing market opportunities
  • Choosing a business model
  • Building customers relationship
  • Internet marketing and advertising
  • Feedback tracking
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