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Sofia Municipality Deals on Internet

Register of all properties, concessions, corporations and deals of Sofia municipality will be launched on the Internet, the major of Sofia Boiko Borisov announced on Sunday. The secretary general Rossen Dzeliazkov showed the first register of public and private property of the municipality on the same day. It can be seen on the web site of the municipality and it will be updated every week.

There are over 10 000 properties, except the properties of the municipal corporations, said Dzeliazkov. First will be created the register of the concessions and then the register of the municipal corporations and their properties. The register will include also all the concession contracts with all of their conditions. Now the municipality has four concession contracts – three for cleaning of the city and one with “Sofia Water”.

All the contracts from 2002 until now will be included to the register. The next step is the inclusion of all contracts signed before 2002.

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