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Yahoo Against the Fraud Click

Recently Yahoo has named the company's new VP of marketplace quality. Reggie Davis, who has served as an attorney for Yahoo for the past seven years, whose most recent role was as associate general counsel managing litigation, including Yahoo's click fraud litigation. Davis will operate within the marketing products division of Yahoo's recently-formed Advertiser & Publisher Group, led by Susan Decker.

Yahoo formally put a number on the fraud clicks, which are between 12 and 15 percent. The fraud clicks that are tossed out are not included in bill of their advertisers.

Clearing up the definition of an invalid click will be important. "We need to take some of the inconsistency out of this issue," Davis said in the report.

Yahoo's moves received approval from Click Forensics head Tom Cuthbert. Calling him a close observer of search industry click fraud efforts might be understatement. He has been openly critical of the lack of transparency into click fraud fighting.

Yahoo is the second company that offers context advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising. Its rival Google has announced that the fraud clicks for their pay-per-click program are around 10% of the generated clicks.

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