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IDC "IT security Roadshow" 2007 Conference Will be Held In Sofia

This year's conference IDC "IT security Roadshow" 2007 will be held in Sofia on 12 April. The general topic of the conference will be the security of the organization networks and how to protect them from any threats.

It is a fact that IT security is endless process, which covers all aspects of IT - from hardware and the architecture of the systems to the settings of the software and the way the network is used. Although the professionals are quite familiar with this principle, only few of them are using it in their daily work. The organizers of the conference are hoping that they will stimulate the changing of this principle and the main part of the discussion will take the ways of maintenance of the network to prevent it from any threats.

The general partners of the conference are Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec, Sun and more. The media partners in Bulgaria are the newspapers "Computers", "Money", "Now", "Theme" magazine, econ.bg, investor.bg and more.

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