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Good Online Reputation Can Win You a Job

Recently were announced the results of a reserach made by business social network Viadeo, which show that 20% of employers use search engines to pre-screen job candidates and 59% are influenced by what they find. 13 % of Human Resources decision makers have decided to recruit people in light of what they found as the positive information can be achievements not already known, Internet skills demonstrated through a Web site and extra skills not revealed by a corporate application form.

Examples of online information that has been shown to create negative information include MySpace pages, YouTube videos and so that reveal excessive drinking or disrespect for work. One of the survey respondents said that his company rejected a candidate based on activities found online that “did not fit ethically” into the organization.

Together with the development of the requirements that the companies have for the candidates, the online HR agencies are developing their services and they are paying more and more attention to the employers. Services like finding personal information for the current candidate is someting common for them and they intend to make is permanet tendency.

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