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General Information

COMFORT.BG is the leading Internet portal for furniture, construction and architecture. Over 5000 visitors browse the site daily searching for specialized business information. COMFORT.BG connects architects, engineers, builders, developers, manufacturers and traders with corporate and individual clients, helping them choose the products or services they need. The site has over 6000 subscribers from the trade that advertise their activity on it. More than 40 000 registered users have access to specific information and receive periodic newsletters about the latest news, products and services in several different areas of the field.

COMFORT.BG on the Internet

COMFORT.BG rapidly became the place where a fast growing community of users find useful and up-to-date information. The main advantage of COMFORT.BG is the target audience attracted by the specialized information offered as well as the site's leading position in the search engine results. Currently, COMFORT.BG appears on the first pages of the most popular search engines when searching by many keywords and phrases from the field.

The users of COMFORT.BG

The majority of the visits to COMFORT.BG are registered between 9 am and 6 pm. The visitors are mostly people in active age, who search for specific information in the field of furniture, construction and architecture. Many of them visit the site in relation to their work. The professional audience of visitors is added to by the companies-subscribers, which not only provide, but also get information from the site.

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