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Енигма Технолоджи
Рубрика ПредставямеSection "In The Spotlight" is the newest and attractive PR functionality in Comfort.bg. In this section the companies from the trade present their most recent work on a particular project - a building, interior decor or product. Being the intersection of new build and real estate, "In The Spotlight" is especially suitable for developers enabling them to advertise their newest buildings.

The information about the presented project is included in a detailed article with individual design and extensive picture material describing the different stages of the building work and its main features. An interactive link included in the section enables instant access to the company profile. At the end of the article there is a gallery with pictures, as well as a list of the companies-contructors with links to their profiles. The articles are included in this section for 1 year and are accessible from the home page of Comfort.bg where they appear on a rotating basis for 3 months.

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