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Енигма Технолоджи
For professionals

COMFORT.BG has won recognition as the place where every professional can receive the necessary up-to-date information as well as exchanging experience with others from the trade. Several specialized sections form the informational environment of the portal.

Updated on a daily basis, the news section of COMFORT.BG provides in brief all the important events from the trade. The news content is divided into separate categories so that users can easily access information related to a particular category. All the subscribers can provide information about their activity, thus having the opportunity to be presented in the news section. A link to the company profile is included in such a piece of news so that readers can obtain additional information on their work, products or services.

COMFORT.BG offers the most up-to-date information on job opportunities in the field, which is supplied by subscribers and specialist human resources companies.

This section includes information about  public and private tenders announced by the subscribers of COMFORT.BG.

Building Regulations
This section includes all the relevant information needed by the trade.

Includes a list of all major events in the field of furniture, construction and architecture for the current year.

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