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General Information

IMOTERA.COM is a specialized online real estate search engine which uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology to collect property listings, news and useful information from different web sites in one place.

The property listings included come directly from real estate agencies, which can add them absolutely FREE of charge at any time. IMOTERA.COM is with really simple navigation, which helps users to quickly find the needed information in an appropriate form. The results provided can be sorted by price, availability and floor space.


  • Searches through property listings from different sites simultaneously.
  • Allows quick access to properties for rent.
  • Allows quick access to properties for sale.
  • Saves the time required for sorting and classifying data on the web.
  • Increases the opportunity for finding the best offer.
  • Does not require complex technical support.
  • Includes up-to-date information and real estate news.
  • Collects property listings directly from agencies' sites and guarantees their authenticity.
  • Provides the option for users to create a personal catalogue of preffered offers.
  • Enables private individuals to put their property on the market.
  • Makes it faster and easier for every user to find the home they need.
  • Is a smart real estate search engine that provides homebuyers with local real estate information.
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