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Advantages and participation
Imotera.com is an innovative system for searching the information needed, which has several main advantages for both the users and agencies.

Advantages for the Agencies included in Imotera.com
  • Free of charge inclusion of unlimited number of property listings;
  • Promoting the Agency's web site – the user visits the Agency's site after up to three clicks and in this way contributing to traffic increase.
  • Property listings are uploaded and updated automatically by using the RSS technology.
How to be  part of Imotera.com
  • An Imotera representative contacts the agency and explains in detail the functionality of the system.
  • The agency sends RSS files containing the needed information. A list of categories is sent in advance so that the agency can choose the most appropriate one.
  • The information is periodically updated absolutely automatically.
Advantages for the Imotera.com Users
  • Relevant results – provides the user with the information needed quickly and concisely.
  • Simple navigation – users can easily reach the information they are interested in.
  • Accessibility to up-to-date offers – all the listings are collected from agencies' web sites, which guarantees their authenticity.

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