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Енигма Технолоджи
General Information

Bonus.bg is a specialized web site for bonuses, promotions and discounts.  The users of this unique for Bulgaria web project can find a large number of special offers from different companies in many fields. A part of the offers on Bonus.bg is available for the registered users only. To buy a particular item at a discount price, the users  have to print the coupon provided and present it at the store.

All the products and services offered on Bonus.bg are well-arranged in categories and subcategories to make the site easy to navigate.

The registered users have the opportunity to receive newsletters containing the latest offers included in the site from different fields.

The system of shopping at discount prices that Bonus.bg offers is convenient both for the companies and end users.

Advantages for the users

  • Opportunity to buy different products at discount prices;
  • Particular information for each of the products or services;
  • Attractive bonuses for several products;
  • Saving time for searching products offered at attractive prices – all products and services included in Bonus.bg are sold at a discount.

By taking part in Bonus.bg the companies have the opportunity to:

  • Increase their sales;
  • Promote particular products and services;
  • Advertise their corporate web site;
  • Attract new customers.
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